Thursday, May 13, 2010

8th Wonderland, a virtual world for Citizenship?

What happens when virtual worlds as an educational tool becomes a 'virtual world' movie official selectioned at different International Festival Films? Take a look!

We've seen the power of Facebook and Twitter to rally people for a cause. 

Imagine if all the people on social networks shared a common view and declared themselves a virtual country. 

This is the concept behind 8th Wonderland a French film by Jean Mach and Nicolas Alberny.


«Scattered all over the world, everyday people, sick and tired of political systems and being controled by the media, decide to create a virtual state and instore their democracy.» 

A fantastic fiction-political thriller easy to screen worldwide!  
It takes us from Russia to the United States, from South America to Japan passing through Europe and the Middle East.
8th Wonderland had the "Mention Spéciale du Jury" award of the "International Fantasy Festival Film of Brussels 2009"  and some others.

You can join this virtual world on the website 8th Wonderland... but don't forget! It's only a game!! But an interesting idea to play with.


Perhaps too radical for Civics curriculum in Junior High School or Further Education? But why not try? 

Starting with a pedagogical introduction, watching the movie and a critical debate, students could learn to deal with the right side and the wrong side and become engaged citizens.



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