Monday, July 4, 2022

Schools : Concours Créatif Petit Prince Day 2022 : And the winners are...

Petit Prince Day 2022

For the International Little Prince Day, a donation of 5,000 books was made thanks to the editor in favor of associations to promote reading. Wow! Excellent! It's so important to read since young age. This will encourage kids to love books and reading.

Petit Prince Day 2022

But do you remember the International Contest Petit Prince Day last 29 June 2022? The theme was:

💗"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur

(une phrase que le renard confia au Petit Prince). 

  • Winners 2022:

Well, the winners were announced. And the winners are...

Winner: ⭐Ricardo  Zonca and his musical

Instagram : riccardobaseballzonca

⭐ Marine Caspar – Baaangsong and her video with a sung extract from the book

Instagram : ➸ marinesworlds

⭐ Louanha Di Manno and her illustration

Instagram : lounart83

⭐ Tanushree Neeloo and her poem

Instagram : xmuffin264x

Congratulations to all !  And to everyone for participating! Next year, perhaps will be your time to win.

I'll be back posting the normal roundup of May very soon!



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