Sunday, September 15, 2013

Out on work ! Lisbon !

Lisboa, Portugal
photo: Nuno Trindade, Photography

Lisboa, Portugal
photo: Nuno Trndade, Photography

Out to Lisbon to attend the Great Lisbon International Conference on Games & TEL September 15-16, 2013. The Great LX will take place at ISCTE - IUL, Lisbon.

Claudio Dondi, Edelberto Costa, Maja Pivec, Ana Passos, the organizing committee presidency of the GREAT Lisbon Conference on Games&TEL is convene to join speakers and participants for an interesting and pleasant moment for the future of learning in Europe.

To have contact with the Games Based Learning (GBL) method is to know the new trends in Europe (and, come to discover, in the world) on the development of structured learning development of behavioral skills using digital fun games.

I like the discussion of new ideas. Hoping to hear something interesting at the Great LX.

Some speakers are well known. I think the conference will be great. I hope so! 

I will let you know when I come back.


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