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EFQUEL Innovation Forum Lisboa 2010

The 4th EFQUEL Innovation Forum took place in Lisbon, Portugal in collaboration with the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and the National Institute for Public Administration of Portugal (INA).

Palácio Marqueses de Pombal (Oeiras)

The conference took place at the Instituto Nacional de Administração (INA), situated in the gardens of the old Palace de Marqueses de Pombal in Oeiras, close to Lisbon, in Portugal. 

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Interesting opportunity to participate, listen and share the modern concepts about the current paradigms and evolution of the Open Educational Resources (OER) and Games Based Learning (GBL) in school in line with the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.  

"The annual assembly of eLearning and education professionals will debate how opening education can contribute to social inclusion agendas and promote economic wellfare through better equipping citizens with necessary skills"

The Forum started, on September 8th with a pre-conference day, "OPEN PROJECT LABORATORY", followed by the main conference September 9-10. 2010.

The conference theme : 

Open educational resources (OER) are high on the agenda of social inclusion policies and supported by many stakeholders of the educational sphere. User Generated Content is more relevant than ever, and co- and peer-production increasingly at the heart of content development.

At the same time assessment and quality assurance processes are put to test because well contributed experts' and teachers' led approaches to assess and certify quality seem to become less effective in view of user created content and freely available resources.

On the 8th September during the "OPEN PROJECT LABORATORY" the ENGAGE workshop 3 "Games in school - a serious matter to consider for excellent classrooms...?!led by Mr. Sébastien Reinders, Mr. Rolf Reinhardt and me joined an interested group of teachers and stakeholders of the educational sphere.

My presentation and theme discussion was "Creative learning in the digital age" (OER, GBL, Mobile Learning in Secondary Education). Sébastien Reinders' presentation "Serious Games on learning". Rolf Reinhardt was the ENGAGE moderator.

Workshop 3 - ENGAGE

We have been consistently impressed and surprised at how leading  educationalists  have been adapting off the shelf video games to engage their students in rich leaning experiences“.

David Yarnton, 2010, Nintendo UK

For three days, researchers, practionners, producers shared in open interesting discussions with all the participant, ideas and experiences about "Open Educational Resources (OER) on the agenda of social inclusion policies".

The workshops and the parallel sessions took place in the rooms of Palacete Marqueses de Pombal and the Plenary sessions at the Auditorium of Gulbenkian (Oeiras). 

EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2010 *

Parallel Session 1: How can open educational practices contribute to better inclusion, innovation and excellence in education?

I have joined this parallel session where Prof. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers (EFQUEL, Belgium), Gráinne Conole (Open University, United Kingdom), Prof. Roberto Carneiro (Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal) were excellent facilitators.

An interactive session! All participants presented an overview about their own open educational practices, trying to contribute to better inclusion and excellent  innovation in education.

On the pannel, created by a student from the Unesco University, the developed vision of the participants has been added as well as a common set of recommendations to promote innovation, inclusion and excellence through open educational practices. 

Between all sessions, cooffee-break at the gardens of Palacete where some important events took place as well, such as  Get-Together (organised by the Gold Sponsor).

EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2010 *

The Forum had as moderator of the Conference  Prof. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, vice-president of EFQUELHe has been an excellent communicator as well Prof. Roberto Carneiro, professor at the Portuguese Catholic University, where he also chairs the Study Centre on Peoples and Cultures. He is dean of the Institute for Distance Learning. 

Both enriched completely the international community of practitioners that attended the Forum with their vision about innovation on learning and teaching for social inclusion.

Mr. Claudio Dondi, the President of EFQUEL was the principal speaker at the Plenary Session hereHe also has been the moderator of the Final Panel discussion: "Re-focusing on quality: How can quality approaches evolve and enhance inclusion, innovation and excellence" here.

EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2010 *

The 9th September, a Conference Dinner at INA gardens joined a big group of the participants. After the dinner, the Awarding Ceremony " EFQUEL Award 2010".

The event was broadcast live Stream on the internet. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook gave the possibility to interact with participants.

Now, you can watch on Youtube and read on Slideshare. A contemporary vision about an even of this importance. My sincere congratulations to Mr. Rolf Reinhardt, the coordinator.

You can read, listen and share all the interesting open discussions and messages about the purposes of quality education of the most important speakers of the "2010 Innovation Forum Lisboa" here

A fruitful and instructive conference! The "EFQUEL Innovation Forum" was an excellent opportunity to an active participation, sharing ideas, building and exchanging visions. 


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