Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mobile Apps for the Disabled

The interaction between the user and software is done via brainwaves and for this to happen the user needs the NeuroSky Mindset which reads the user’s brainwaves, uses an analog-to-digital converter and sends the digitalized information via Bluetooth to the phone. The byte sequence, called packet, sent by the headset is then translated into the user’s level of meditation and attention by using an algorithm provided by the headset’s company. Once all of this is done, the signal is passed on to the ThinkContacts app via bluetooth and it places the call.
To get an idea of how it works, I recommend that you check out the following video:

ThinkContacts is a new mobile application being developed by Nokia which would allow a disabled person to select a contact from a list and place a phone call to that person using only their mind. The app, which is designed for Nokia's N900 Maemo platform, works with an accompanying headset that reads the user's brainwaves to measure attention levels. If the attention level is higher than 70%, the software scrolls to the next contact in the list. If the attention level is higher than 80%, the software makes a phone call to the selected contact.

It's one of the latest developments in making accessible smartphone applications for the disabled, the blind and deaf.Read more


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